The leading investigation credential

CFIP is the world’s most comprehensive professional investigation credential. A CFIP can handle any kind of investigation touching on digital forensics and financial forensics as well as criminal investigations. Fraud Examination is just but an eighth of the CFIP’s skills set.

The following modules are covered for the CFIP accreditation:

  • Criminology & Psychology
  • Principles and Practice of Accounting
  • Computer and digital Forensics
  • Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Studies on Fraud and Corruption
  • Investigation Law
  • Investigative accounting

All the above subjects or modules must be completed before one can become CFIP via examination route. No certificates are issued for individual subjects.

  •  6 to 36 months.
  • It much depends on you and the time you will spend on study per day. You can also get exemptions for individual modules if you qualify.

Mode of Study

  1. Directed self-study/Distance Learning for very busy executives.
  2. Distance Learning + Face to face tuition at the accredited tuition centres = 1 month of residential training at accredited tuition centres.
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 The Skillset of a CFIP
  • Private Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Fraud Audit
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Forensic Audit/Investigation
  • Tracing of hidden Assets
  • Money Laundering Investigation
  • Expert Witnessing
  • Preventive Controls
  • Anti- fraud/corruption training.
 Where CFIPs work
  •  Government regulatory agencies like Anti-Corruption and Revenue collection Agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Auditing/Accounting firms
  • Security Firms
  • Cooperative Societies
  • Consulting firms
  • Banks
  • Insurance
  • Universities
  • Civil Aviation Authorities of Government and many more.
 Alternative route to CFIP

Those have a considerable amount of relevant prior training and experience can become CFIP via rigorous assessment as in the following calculator.

Prior training and experience calculator
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