Inviting others to Connect on the nyasowi platform

Welcome to Nyasowi platform.

Many thanks indeed for your registration and participation on nyasowi platform.

The nyasowi platform allows you to connect with other users, share your business ideas as you learn from others by reading their articles of interest to you, drive traffic to your website by posting articles with live links to your business or personal website, post products for sale, create groups and invite other users to join, display personal profiles, and many more.

The platform allows you to invite your colleagues to join. This means that you must be knowing the people to invite and you must be having their emails. The more people you invite to join the better for you since whatever you post on the platform automatically creates a notification to them so that they view and comment. This is good for effective marketing. You would, therefore, do yourself good service if you invite potential users of your products or services if you are interested in using the platform for marketing. You are allowed to invite colleagues worldwide. You would get all that exposure without paying a single cent unless you opt to upgrade for more accessibility.

You can do a live chat with your connections on the platform.

The Platform is being prepared for re-launch sometime in early next year and you are therefore requested to forward suggestions to us for improvement and expansion before such re-launch. The date of re-launch shall be announced to you when ready set. If you find any areas that are not working, please let us know.