Consider the Features of Washer Machine When You Need

Consider the Features of Washer Machine When You Need


Whatever type of washing machine you choose, consider the features that you need.

Energy efficiency

All the washing machines we sell have an A to A+++ rating.

Performance is based on washing performance and spin efficiency.

You'll generally find that the more expensive the machine, the higher its grading as it will include a number of energy-saving features, such as variable temperature control, or sensors that determine the length of the rinse cycle or even the amount of detergent to add.

Load size

Your choice of drum size depends on how much laundry you do, but as a rough guide:

6-7kg is great for one or two people

8kg for an average family

9kg+ is for a large family.

Washer programmes

There are many programmes which are common to most new machines, such as:

Handwash programmes for fabrics such as fine wools or silk - even gentler than washing by hand

Quick wash - enables you to select a full cycle for lightly soiled items speeded up to 15-20 minutes, but bear in mind these programmes use more energy than standard or eco programmes

Reload function on a machine allows you to add odd items to the wash once the cycle has started

Steam programmes allow you to refresh creased dry clothes or remove odours without doing a full wash

Variable temperature control, so you can opt to select a lower temperature to save energy. (You can't inadvertently select too high a temperature for that programme)

Economy settings which will automatically reduce the washing temperature

Extra rinse facility, which is useful in soft water areas or if anyone in the household has particularly sensitive skin

Spin speeds

If you're using a tumble dryer too, choose a machine with a good high spin speed as it's more economical to extract water from spinning than from tumble drying.

Top of the range machines will have a long spin cycle for cottons for more efficient water extraction, and an interval spin for synthetics to reduce creasing.

Smart washing machines

These enable you to control the washing machine from an app on your phone - handy if you’re out and want to start or delay a load.

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