I have made a selection of details that seem most significant

I have made a selection of details that seem most significant

Two minutes later various passerby and planet hoppers were added to the fray. I mean this was like jerry springer on steroids, in runescape! It was a full out black versus white verbal assult! Anyways here we were being racist and spamming the RS gold chat box once the level 116 speaks.

Why was that? .... Hahaha the level 116 was a mod! At the sight of the silver crown half of the room was filled with red and blue ribbons as people teleported and simply logged. After a good conversation with mr mod he told me that I wasnt one of the men and women who'd be getting nice messages from jagex and black marks. I wasnt at fault. (p.s I got some of it on vid so I might add to youtube later.)

A new skill on RuneScape has been published

It's been known for months - a new ability on RuneScape has been released this year. Countless players have speculated, tens of thousands of threads have been created, and yet here I stand, writing an article about the new ability. Am I late? Outdated? Prepared for a new pair of pink slippers? Perhaps, but I believe that you might find this article interesting however.

At the latest Q&A thread, Jagex answered a lot of questions about the new skill. Though Jagex is notorious because of their obscure and non-revealing answers, we could subtract a few criteria from their replies. With these criteria, we might have the ability to ascertain what kind of skill it's going to be. Since no one really seems to understand what the new skill is about however, this may prove useful.

I have made a selection of details that seem most significant. The new skill was likely to be a game on its own, but has been changed to a skill afterwards. It is very unique, unlike any other skill in RuneScape. It can't be contrasted with another skill, like Summoning could be contrasted to Herblore. It will will introduce a completely different kind of gameplay in to Runescape. It'll be put together with all current skills. It will be utilized for both combat and non-combat.

Coaching it won't be money-driven. I have browsed the discussions and noticed loads of suggestions, but none really fit into the details given by Jagex. By way of example, abilities mentioned for example Sailing, Necromancy, Bartering and so on do not actually sound that unique in contrast with the current skills. So what makes a skill unique? For that we need to look at the current abilities and determine what they have in common to cheap OSRS gold check what might separate the new ability in the others.