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Nyasowi is a Social Networking cum Advertising Platform.

About NYASOWI Socialisingcum Advertising Platform

NYASOWI is an international social media cum advertising/marketing platform. All who sign up here are either interested in socializing for buying or selling something on the national as well as global markets. This is the platform that assists millions of people world over to locate market or a buyer of an item. Here new and used items are displayed.

On Nyasowi people socialize for profit. That is they socialize with people who are likely to help their businesses grow, find business partners in any kind of business. On this platform you can find and socialize with people in business like farming, art and crafts, education and training, accounting and auditing, giftwares, design and fashions, beauty products and accessories, herbal medicine and supplements, agency services, dating services, penpals, gaming and betting, and many more. In fact the list of what you can get, buy, do, or sell on Nyasowi.com is endless.

NYASOWI was formed and registered under companies’ act, the laws of Kenya to transact business of social media cum business advertising and other web based businesses.

Its registered office is in Nairobi, Kenya but may open branches anywhere in the World.


The vision of Nyasowi is be the global leader in social media cum online advertising business.


The mission of Nyasowi is to connect all business minded individuals and corporates, whether small, medium, big or large on global scale for the exchange of business ideas, business opportunities, goods and services.


Nyasowi’s business is to make revenues from third party adverts, adverts by Users, premium registrations, and direct sales of its own goods and services.


Joining Nyasowi Network is absolutely free and you are entitled to remain a User of the platform for socializing and advertising your services and or goods for free in your lifetime. All users who sign up or register into this platform have this right and also the right to upgrade to access more services affordably.

The more users you invite to sign up the greater audience you shall have for your business on Nyasowi. All users you invite to register shall be automatically getting notifications of your adverts, updates of products and services immediately you post them. This means that your audience shall be the people you invite to join the platform. To achieve great results, you are advised to invite Users who would most likely be attracted by your services or products.

In addition to the above benefit to you as a User of this platform, you will also be earning USD 0.10 per User who registers on the platform by your invitation. Users are welcome from all countries. This means that Users are on the platform to benefit and also develop their businesses via establishment of global socio-business relationships.

Research has shown that middle aged people spend at 4 hours per days socializing on the internet. Nyasowi is designed to enable enjoy socializing and also make profit at the same time. Do not make friendships online that do not result in income.

If interested in participating in the affiliate program as in the foregoing paragraph, please click here.

Please browse through the website to know more about NYASOWIand then socialize to improve your life.